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A Family Friendly Pick-Your-Own Experience!

The Sanctuary Blueberry Farm is a family friendly farm, and we are renowned for our big sweet berries nourished with only natural mineral rich pond and well water and organic fertilizers. Never any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or weed killers used on our fields!

Curious about what blueberry plants look like in the spring during pollinating season? We made this video just for you so you could see the progress of the berries! 

Picking Schedule and Pricing

Wednesday July 21 UPDATE:


Well, it looks like we will have to call it a wrap for the 2021 blueberry season!


Join our email list to receive notifications when we are ready to open for picking NEXT year -- likely the last week of May 2022.


We had an enormous turnout at the farm today with LOTS of berries picked! Busier than most Saturdays here at the farm--so we have pretty much picked out of berries!

We are so grateful to all of our loyal  berry picking friends who come out and pick every single year--you guys are AMAZING. We enjoy getting to see you and your children each year and look forward to next year's adventures. 


Watch for more information soon about a new Farmer's Market starting in Montgomery, hosted by our son, Joshua. It is going to be a weekly Saturday morning market and we will have a booth there most weeks, so it will be an opportunity to connect throughout the year! 

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When you come to pick...

We provide the buckets for picking as well as the bags to take your treasures home in. All you need to bring is cash or credit card, good CLOSED TOE shoes (protect your feet from ants and other pests on the ground), and some sun protection like a broad brimmed hat or sunscreen. Oh, and a bottle of water would be really smart! It can get thirsty out here! 

Our berries are completely chemical free--we weed by hand (our men work several hours 5 days a week to keep the fields free of weeds and the rows mulched and mowed) and we use no chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. Natural fertilizers like fish emulsion and molasses are what we feed our plants to make the SWEETEST berries!  Come visit us! We believe you'll come back! 

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Come on Down to the Farm!

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18430 Kinkaid Rd W
Montgomery, TX 77316


Best Picking Practices

  • Wear closed toe shoes

  • Bring hat and sunscreen

  • Bring water bottles

  • Bring insect protection

  • Pick ONLY the powdery deep blue berries--white, pink and green ones are not yet ripe and super SOUR

  • You may pick anywhere in the field you find some ripe berries. The smaller bushes often have really big sweet berries too!

  • Keep a good eye on small children. We have a pond and there are critters such as fire ants they can encounter

  • Use the tiny 2.5 lb buckets for toddlers and small children. That way if they tumble and tip their berries, they don't lose as many

  • Let the farmers know if you encounter anything that needs their attention