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The End of Our Blueberry Adventure - Time for New Beginnings

Hello Blueberry Friends!

When we planted our first 1000 blueberry plants back in 2013 with a group of volunteers, we had no idea what adventures we were stepping into, and how much the blueberry farm would become part of our lives and our family identity. We have LOVED being blueberry farmers. We have so many wonderful memories of meeting new friends and welcoming old friends to our blueberry fields.

Having never farmed before we have learned a lot and overcome many challenges in the last 11 years. Recent seasons have brought draught, flooding, unusual cloud cover (blocking sunlight), natural pests, and more. We always met those with a determination to find a solution, and are grateful for so many years of wonderful harvests.

This year, taking into account our season of life, our family needs, other responsibilities and some unusual circumstances on the farm itself, we have had to seriously assess our farm from not just an emotional standpoint, but from a business perspective. Our blueberry fields are clearly showing signs of stress—we have gone from 7300 thriving plants to about 4500 plants—many of those struggling, and some of which have no blueberries at all. If we were to continue, we would need to give the blueberry fields a serious makeover. That would be a big job, requiring a large investment of time and resources from our family, and right now, our family circumstances necessitate our stepping back from the level of active involvement that we have had in the past that has allowed the farm to flourish.

After a lot of soul-searching and family discussion, we have decided that, as hard as this will be, it is time to close the doors for good on The Sanctuary Blueberry Farm. 2024 finds us at the end of our blueberry farming adventure.

We know that you all look forward to picking berries every year, and this season’s berries are already ripening, however we will not be open for self picking, you will be able to find much of whatever harvest we are able to get this year at the Montgomery Farmers Market on Saturday's from 9-12 at the KOA on 105 (address: 19785 Highway 105 West, Montgomery TX, 77356). After the plants are done producing this year, we will be selling the plants to anyone who would like to come and dig them up. We will send out another email at that time letting folks know that it is time to grab the plants!

It has truly been a joy and a privilege to get to meet and serve all of you over the years on the blueberry farm, whether we know you well or we only met you once as you came up to the booth to purchase berries for the first time! We'd like to thank you all for your encouragement, support, and for sharing your summers with us. We will continue to teach health and wellness classes and educate our community no matter where we are, and you are always more than welcome to reach out to us with questions, or just to check in and catch up! We'd love to hear from you. Have a blessed summer, and we very well may see you at the Montgomery Farmers Market on Saturdays from time to time!

You will forever be part of us and we hope our blueberry farm will be part of your family’s fondest memories.

Dr. Tom and Evangeline Reed

The Sanctuary Blueberry Farm

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